I have a confession to make. Actually two of them but one is larger than the other.

1) I own a very large, very bright but very cozy red housecoat.
2) I seem to write the best blog posts in the middle of my work day. Good thing my boss doesn’t tend to read them.
Back to point number 1. I purchased said housecoat back when I broke my arm many moons ago as a practical item because it was easy to pull over myself and my cast with one hand so I would be cozy while living in basically the arctic at the time of the break. Then some how the red housecoat has traveled with me to each home since then and I find myself not sure how I would cope without it.
Now, let me explain how horrible this housecoat really is. It is so ugly that often when new guest comes over I will actually take it out from behind my bathroom door and hang it up in my closet out of sight. So, if you have been to my house and seen said housecoat that can only mean that I’ve allowed you into my inner circle of peeps and let down my ugly housecoat wall.
I realized how bad it was sometime ago and it was at the same time that I decided to sew my own lighter housecoat for the summer months (see blog post here). This I also would help to wean me off of my horrible red fluffy thing….this was a fail and I went straight back to the red one. Love the new one even more than ugly red but can’t seem to bring myself to make the switch. Upside: New housecoat was recently given some nice compliments.
New Housecoat: 1 Ugly Red: A Million.
I found the lace in the photo below during the Honest Ed’s Fabricland closing sale and just blurted out a random length because I knew I needed it in my life.
Enter: Sexy Housecoat Project
I’ve started to get comfortable with making patterns and then altering them as I go to turn them into what I really want which I find to be a great trait and is coming in handy. So, I’m now on the hunt for the perfect fabric to go with the lace and the perfect pattern in which I can make this inspiration come to life.
Stay tuned for the fate of ugly red.
(Project Inspiration Photo from Pinterest)

I read this thing online a little while back before the concussion that talked comfort within the home and how important that it is for us to observe and strive for in our lives. Reading it I first thought “oh great, something else that I have to try to work into my day to day…” but the more I read the article I realized that it was something I already did without noticing it. It was when I would light a nice smelling candle after the house is all clean and take to my couch with a book and a tea. It would be that feeling of crawling into a cozy bed in a cozy home after a cold night at the barn. It’s also something that I’ve been leaving behind a little over this past month as I work to get back to the me prior the concussion.  The very busy, always running, always fitting a million things into my day and doing it all well me. I miss her and am very glad that she is back but a call from my concussion clinic today reminded me to get back to slowing down is just as important.

The concussion is slowly trying to make a bit of a come-back which I simply am not allowing so instead on Sunday morning of this past weekend I simply curled up on my couch in my giant red cozy housecoat, pilled on two blankets, grabbed a cup of coffee and my book and just….read. With no interruptions and no one bothering me. I just read my book and relaxed with a tummy full of banana and chocolate pancakes. It was a little strange but felt oh so good. Self-care people, it’s a real thing that is important to keep in mind.

I have to remember also to take the time to enjoy the little things and the quiet time because something tells me that this summer is going to be full of late nights on the water, long horse show days and busy working away at my 9-5. In between all of that I have to make sure to take time to get back to that comfort feel.

So this brings me to writing this blog post in the middle of my work day as I’m mentally planning an evening at home of getting back to slowing down. I believe the blog post writing is included as a slowing down activity much like sewing and knitting are. Something that I would probably rather do but isn’t included is flying around a .9m jumper course with Pedro (oh yeah…I jump horses around courses when I’m not at work).

So tonight you will be able to find me in my kitchen baking lemon and blue berry hand pies while drinking tea and listening to the acoustic soundtrack from Grey’s Anatomy Season 13. I would also say that I’ll turn my phone off but that would never happen.

Moral of the story: Don’t forget about the little things.

Image: http://emilyleyblog.com/

Recipe: https://vanillaandbean.com/blueberry-lemon-curd-hand-pies/

As you may know if you’ve read the blog before but this page used to be titled “Adventures”. But since my dream last year of continuing my world traveling has come to a bit of a stop for the time being I’ve decided to switch things up and make a place within the site that allows me to share with you the things that inspire me both in life and in my projects. I’m always taking Instagram screenshots, photos or finding images on Pinterest that inspire me to want to create.

This page may be the most updated page on the site so it’s a place to check back and see what I’ve been into that week in addition to the new projects that will be posted through-out the site. I apologize in advance if this page simply becomes a page full of photos of Kate Middleton and talking about how amazing she looks all the time. That might happen. I may already have a large amount of her photos pinned on my boards.

I’ll be sure to post photos of home inspiration and life inspiration as well just to keep things interesting. Which means that yes, this page may become a list of inspirational quotes and photos of Kate. What can I say…it’s just how I roll.

Image from http://brepurposed.porch.com/ and found on Pinterest.


I’m the type of adorable person that yes, wears matching top and bottom pajamas almost every night because I like to look adorable even though I live alone. So yes, even while I’m sitting here on a Saturday at noon still in morning mode I’m wearing matching pajamas. Second thing to know about me is that I’m picky about what I wear. Which lead me to finally making my own pajama set! Bonus: I took it with me to wear for my sister’s wedding weekend and was able to show it off during the girls night at the hotel pre-wedding.

The pattern actually wasn’t that hard to put together. Either that or I’m starting to get real good at making clothes. The one thing I didn’t do was add in the interfacing. I added the interfacing to my Anchor Dress (blog post link here) and for some reason when I washed it the interfacing made the fabric go all funny. I sort of liked the top without the interfacing so when I make another pair I’ll do the same thing.

Now I’m off to change out of my matching pajama set and set off into the city for a day of adventure!

First to start off I have to apologize for the lack of blogging in the later part of last year. It wasn’t that I didn’t still spend weekends and evening at my sewing machine but life just got a little busy…and then flipped upside down.  The flip was an actual flip when I fell off a horse and spent the last couple of months working on recovery.

But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t get a couple of little projects completed in time for the holidays! Below I wanted to share a couple quick photos of what I was working on over the blog “break”. Up and coming – pjs, skirts and another quilt! Some are already done and some are still just ideas but this year I have a few projects in mind that I want to sew together. Sewing goal for 2017 is this: become better friends with my serger. I was lucky enough that my Mom passed me along this great book with serger tricks and tweaks that I’m looking forward to learning more about.

I haven’t forgotten though about my knitting and right now have a new knitting project sitting on my coffee table all ready to cast on! Knitting and I had a bit of a disagreement towards the later part of last year which is why I’ve been more sewing than knitting but I’m ready now to make friends with it again and give it another go!




Yes, I have now made this pattern three times and yes, that means that three children are going to be cuddly this winter in their Fly Away blankets.

Now this third blanket was made after I came up with the brilliant idea of making a second baby gift for a dear friend of mine. This promise also came after about a bottle of wine and some wedding dancing. After making the promise I couldn’t not follow through on it so I got to work the following day and was trilled with how it turned out! I have a feeling this wont be the last one that I make.


Update on current knitting projects: Taking longer than expected to get off the ground and some curse words might of been used but the new Sweet Georgia yarn is too nice to not seeing this current project through to the end. Stay tuned for updates over on Facebook and Instagram!



First off I would like to start this blog with an apology for taking a whole month to put up an new post. I will admit that this is for a couple of reasons. The first is that it was summer. Summer means that I’ve been outside riding horses, buying a car and drinking beer instead of sewing and knitting. The second reason is that the two recent projects I completed were baby shower gifts for a dear friend of mine who I know is on my Instagram so I didn’t want to spoil the surprise. I promise moving forward and into the cooler weather that the outdoor beer drinking and late nights out will soon be fewer and far between which means I will have more time hunched over at my machines and knitting needles. I will admit that I have a new knitting project on the needles at the moment which I’m going to dig into once this is posted.


When I first saw this Noodle Head pattern I knew I had to make it for someone. So when my friend told me she was having a baby I knew right away what I was going to make! This pattern was so easy to follow and I was done the quilt top before I knew it.


Now because I wanted to make it to match her nursery I did tell her I what I was making without giving away too much but I had to ask the colors so I was sure it would go. It’s always so nice to give gifts to others that you know they will cherish and use.

Now…I’m off to watch some Friday Night Lights and knit. Or do dishes. Or knit… yeah knitting sounds good.


I think I probably own about 10 or more summer dresses. The ones that you can just throw on when it’s hot out to go to work or out for a casual dinner. The same dresses that you can later put with black tights and a sweater to wear all year long. I could live in these dresses which is probably why I seem to keep making them.

IMG_0531 Resized

For those of you that don’t know I recently turned 30. Yes, it was a little scary and honestly it still is even almost a month later. But one of the gifts I received for my birthday was my new serger (!). It was on my wish list but something I didn’t expect to actually get. So of course I fell in love with it and was so happy to be able to use it on this project. The dress looks so professional now!

IMG_0529 - resized

Even now I’m continuing to keep an eye out for cute dresses to make and navy fabric to pair with them in preparation for the cooler months. Can’t wait to use my serger again shortly!

IMG_0528 - Resized

Pattern: Washi Dress from Made by Rae

Fabric: Fabricland

The first quilt I made was small and simple. I had made it at a friends request for a quilt of their own and for something a little more manly for my couch. The quilt was easy to put together and I was able to take a couple quick photos of it before it headed off to another life. But it was my second quilt that was a stunner.

Side View Resized

I tend to jump into things with both feet and want to really try my skills at something new and challenging. This quilt for my Mother was just that and I know as a quilter there will be many more triangles in my future but I need a triangle making break after putting together this quilt top.

I learned a few things along the way and one included to measure out the size of something before starting! This quilt top came together in pieces and all of a sudden the pieces were together enough to lay it out on the floor to see the real size I was dealing with. There were a few choice words when I came to realize that it was HUGE. Like I mean I had to move my bed to the side of the room just to get this to lay out on the floor. Following this there was a few more choice words when I realized that I would have to bast, quilt and bind this before Christmas and at this point it was already November. So first lesson – check the size on the pattern prior to buying fabric. Because it will also mean that the backing fabric will cost you more than I care to share in this post.

full quilt resized

The quilt was a gift for my Mom for Christmas and as the progress went it was so hard to share my hours of triangle making on social media in order to keep it a secret.

Quilt Back Resized

I got lucky and a few days before heading north for the holidays I finished the binding and five minutes later put it in a huge box and wrapped it up. It felt good to be able to say that my first large quilt was done and ready for delivery! It was very well received and oh so cozy that it looks lovely at my parents home in the country.

Quilt on Ground re-Sized

DSC_0622 Resized

I recently was lucky enough to go to a posh store with a personal shopper and it is now the only way I will shop! I’m not one to go through racks and racks of clothes and run from store to store to find the perfect dress for an event. I would much rather a sales girl pull a few items for me and have me try them on. I’m also know to be a picky person in all areas of life. Apartments, boys, clothing… all of it!

DSC_0621 Resized

So when I wanted an off the shoulder dress I was on the look out for something I really liked. But because I’m a picky person it was hard to find anything that I wanted or would feel like shelling out the cash for. So I decided to make it myself pattern and all.

C9FAC8F6-A00C-4417-B41F-3A1A2EF7913E -resized

Now, one of the down sides of living alone is that when you make clothing and need to alter it you have to take it off and put it on a zillion times while poking yourself multiple times with the pins in the hem. This might be the only thing that I dislike about living alone. And yes, I am not scared of spiders and can fix almost anything on my own.

So here it is! The much anticipated dress in all of it’s (a little short) glory!