Yes, I have now made this pattern three times and yes, that means that three children are going to be cuddly this winter in their Fly Away blankets.

Now this third blanket was made after I came up with the brilliant idea of making a second baby gift for a dear friend of mine. This promise also came after about a bottle of wine and some wedding dancing. After making the promise I couldn’t not follow through on it so I got to work the following day and was trilled with how it turned out! I have a feeling this wont be the last one that I make.


Update on current knitting projects: Taking longer than expected to get off the ground and some curse words might of been used but the new Sweet Georgia yarn is too nice to not seeing this current project through to the end. Stay tuned for updates over on Facebook and Instagram!


IMG_0515 Resied

Here in Toronto we are currently in the middle of a heat wave and breaking temperature records almost weekly. Which means it may of seemed strange to knit up a very warm hat while it was 35 outside but the pattern was just too cute!

I will admit that I am very much due for a large knitting project kick-off (stay tuned!) and I have some Scotland yarn on hold for just a project. But I also really wanted to try my hand at color/pattern work and this hat has been calling to me for awhile now.

IMG_3340 resized

The hat as you can see came together so well and was easy to knit together. The only down side is that it might be a tiny bit too small for my head. Which means depending on the size of my head come winter this may be gifted to a lucky friend with a smaller head.

I thought that doing a pattern like this would be scary and takes loads of concentration but it turned out to be easy to do and was able to knit up in no time! The pattern is from  Pom Pom Quarterly Issue 14: Autumn 2015 and does not take as much yarn as they suggest in the pattern.

IMG_0518 Resized


IMG_0377 Resized

Something Pink…..

For the past year I have fallen in love with the color pink. That means that currently all I want to do it buy pretty pink fabric and stare at the pink wall of my bedroom that I painted a couple months ago. Now I don’t mean unicorns and glitter will follow (wait…I do love the unicorn emoji a crazy amount) but something about pink is just so damn pretty. I’ve added a couple new pieces to my future project list (which you can find here) and yes, they will probably all be in pink.

Work in progress photo - resized

Now with all this pink talk I will admit that I purchased the yarn for this project over a year ago. I always fall in love with Madeline Tosh yarn and this was no exception. I purchased it for a crochet class that had planned on taking to make this elaborate shawl with an complicated pattern. But after a very decent attempt at the class and pattern I scrapped the fancy shawl for this one.

IMG_0371 - cropped and resized


It was such an easy knit after I got the cast on down and memorized the pattern. This is a Netflix friendly pattern because you can just knit, knit, knit and knit without too much thinking.

IMG_0376 - Resized

Now – what on earth to make with the left over pink yarn!

Socks that Travel!

I’ve been knitting socks lately like crazy! I used to think that knitting socks looks so complicated and scary but really after the first pair or two you can do it without thinking about it too much. At least when knitting top-down socks without any fancy pattern. I really like the fancy pattern but I also like just being able to knit away and create something so practical. Every now and then I pick-up some sock yarn that is just so damn pretty that I can’t put it back and it has to come home with me. While on my recent trip (see Ireland here and Scotland here) I picked up more sock yarn then I meant to but only because I loved it so much.  The sock yarn in the photo below is from Germany, Scotland and Ireland!! Talk about world traveled socks and that’s even before they  hit the needles.

Yarn Re-sized

I knew that taking socks to knit on my trip would be the easiest thing and that it was a project I could carry around in my bag with me. I had promised a friend a pair of hand made socks and I always come through when I promise a finished product. So they were the Traveling Socks and were started in Toronto, knitted in Ireland and Scotland and will be traveling next by mail to my friend in Whistler BC. These socks get around!

Socks K - resized 2

The socks here were for my brother and also went from Toronto to Vancouver earlier this year and they fit my brother like a dream!

IMG_0440 - resized

How did I fall in love with sock knitting so much? I owe it all to the “Custom Socks: Knit to Fit Your Feet” by the wonderful Kate Atherley. I was lucky enough to hear her speak on evening and her book makes it so easy to follow along and knit the perfect socks. Thanks Kate!

Book Image re-sized

Now – which sock yarn to knit next?!



Baby Sweater Sunshine Photo resized

My wish list of item that I always wanted to be able to knit was a really nice cardigan for myself. Something made to fit perfectly and out of some wonderful colored yarn. The only problem with this dream was that I didn’t yet know how to knit a sweater. It seemed like a complicated task and each time I heard people talking about sweater knitting it seemed all math and a lot of counting. But, I have to say that now I’ve completed my first tiny sweater making an adult cardigan no longer seems as daunting.

A friend of mine is fantastic with the crochet hook and recently started knitting to expand the projects she can do. It was her that found the baby sweater class at Ewe Knit and suggested that we take it together. I jumped at the chance because who wouldn’t love to make an adorable baby sweater.

I have had great experience taking classes to learn new skills and highly recommend it. Yes, Youtube videos can also be handy and are convenient to watch at home in your pjs but going to a class gives you that hands on learning and time to chat with other knitters.

As I mentioned previously I can be a bit of a keener when I take these types of classes. I arrived to the second class with the body of my sweater finished and was ready to learn how to knit the button band and the sleeves. The sweater body went so quickly thanks to the fact that a lot of it was just knitting and that I was dog sitting so was up early that weekend so I had some extra time to spend knitting.

hanging up baby sweater resized

Knitting the sweater from the top down was one of the reasons why this project came together so quickly. At first it doesn’t seem like much until you take the sleeves off onto markers and then TA DA you really start to see the top of the sweater take shape.

So there I was knitting along when I hit a road block. The sleeves. Let’s just say that I used a few choice words when trying to teach myself magic loop on these tiny sleeves. I tried magic loop to avoid buying new DPNs but the magic loop went horribly wrong. In the end I purchased the DPNs and waited to start the sleeves when I went to a Ewe Knit stitch and bitch night so the instructor could help me start them off. Once I had them started they went by like clockwork.

Baby and coffee sweater resized

This top down baby sweater was a great stepping stone to making my own sweater and gave me the confidence to maybe try knitting my own this summer!

image_medium2 (2)

I’m a big fan of meeting new people and an even bigger fan of meeting fellow fiber lovers! I’m so lucky that in Toronto there are a great big handful of wonderful yarn shops in the downtown core. There is never a shortage of classes to take, yarn to buy and stitch nights to join. So when The Purple Purl announced that they were doing a K-A-L of a pattern that I already had in my project queue I had to sign-up!

Something you should know about me is that I can be a keener when I take a class or in this case a K-A-L. I’m the person in the class that will show up on week two with a baby sweater almost finished (stay tuned for the baby sweater post!). I joined into the K-A-L the same enthusiastic way but this time it was hard not to because this pattern was so easy and quick to knit-up.

The pattern is from the wonderful Tin Can Knits and can be found on Raverly for digital download. I have to admit that I didn’t follow the pattern step by step, as had the added bonus of in-person direction at the store for this reason I can’t really say if the pattern is hard to follow or not. The Tin Can Knits are lovely though and she has some fantastic designs.

I made the blanket for a 3-year-old birthday gift and I was so pleased that he loved it so much. There is nothing better than giving (or receiving) a hand-made item.

Because it was for a little boy I went with an acrylic yarn so it would be durable and washable. At first I was worried that acrylic yarn would feel scratchy and cheap but this brand actually felt really nice. It was so easy to work with and since this K-A-L was in the summer I spent most of the weekend car rides knitting up squares while sitting in cottage traffic.

image_medium2 (1)

In fact, I liked this pattern so much that I made a smaller one in January for a friend’s baby! The pattern is so interchangeable that I was easily able to adjust it to a smaller size.

Mini Fly Away Blanket from Rav Page

At the end of the K-A-L it was great to see what others had made and to chat about our projects. Keeping my eye out for another in-person K-A-L to join!