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Here in Toronto we are currently in the middle of a heat wave and breaking temperature records almost weekly. Which means it may of seemed strange to knit up a very warm hat while it was 35 outside but the pattern was just too cute!

I will admit that I am very much due for a large knitting project kick-off (stay tuned!) and I have some Scotland yarn on hold for just a project. But I also really wanted to try my hand at color/pattern work and this hat has been calling to me for awhile now.

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The hat as you can see came together so well and was easy to knit together. The only down side is that it might be a tiny bit too small for my head. Which means depending on the size of my head come winter this may be gifted to a lucky friend with a smaller head.

I thought that doing a pattern like this would be scary and takes loads of concentration but it turned out to be easy to do and was able to knit up in no time! The pattern is from  Pom Pom Quarterly Issue 14: Autumn 2015 and does not take as much yarn as they suggest in the pattern.

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