Socks that Travel!

I’ve been knitting socks lately like crazy! I used to think that knitting socks looks so complicated and scary but really after the first pair or two you can do it without thinking about it too much. At least when knitting top-down socks without any fancy pattern. I really like the fancy pattern but I also like just being able to knit away and create something so practical. Every now and then I pick-up some sock yarn that is just so damn pretty that I can’t put it back and it has to come home with me. While on my recent trip (see Ireland here and Scotland here) I picked up more sock yarn then I meant to but only because I loved it so much. ┬áThe sock yarn in the photo below is from Germany, Scotland and Ireland!! Talk about world traveled socks and that’s even before they ┬áhit the needles.

Yarn Re-sized

I knew that taking socks to knit on my trip would be the easiest thing and that it was a project I could carry around in my bag with me. I had promised a friend a pair of hand made socks and I always come through when I promise a finished product. So they were the Traveling Socks and were started in Toronto, knitted in Ireland and Scotland and will be traveling next by mail to my friend in Whistler BC. These socks get around!

Socks K - resized 2

The socks here were for my brother and also went from Toronto to Vancouver earlier this year and they fit my brother like a dream!

IMG_0440 - resized

How did I fall in love with sock knitting so much? I owe it all to the “Custom Socks: Knit to Fit Your Feet” by the wonderful Kate Atherley. I was lucky enough to hear her speak on evening and her book makes it so easy to follow along and knit the perfect socks. Thanks Kate!

Book Image re-sized

Now – which sock yarn to knit next?!