I read this thing online a little while back before the concussion that talked comfort within the home and how important that it is for us to observe and strive for in our lives. Reading it I first thought “oh great, something else that I have to try to work into my day to day…” but the more I read the article I realized that it was something I already did without noticing it. It was when I would light a nice smelling candle after the house is all clean and take to my couch with a book and a tea. It would be that feeling of crawling into a cozy bed in a cozy home after a cold night at the barn. It’s also something that I’ve been leaving behind a little over this past month as I work to get back to the me prior the concussion.  The very busy, always running, always fitting a million things into my day and doing it all well me. I miss her and am very glad that she is back but a call from my concussion clinic today reminded me to get back to slowing down is just as important.

The concussion is slowly trying to make a bit of a come-back which I simply am not allowing so instead on Sunday morning of this past weekend I simply curled up on my couch in my giant red cozy housecoat, pilled on two blankets, grabbed a cup of coffee and my book and just….read. With no interruptions and no one bothering me. I just read my book and relaxed with a tummy full of banana and chocolate pancakes. It was a little strange but felt oh so good. Self-care people, it’s a real thing that is important to keep in mind.

I have to remember also to take the time to enjoy the little things and the quiet time because something tells me that this summer is going to be full of late nights on the water, long horse show days and busy working away at my 9-5. In between all of that I have to make sure to take time to get back to that comfort feel.

So this brings me to writing this blog post in the middle of my work day as I’m mentally planning an evening at home of getting back to slowing down. I believe the blog post writing is included as a slowing down activity much like sewing and knitting are. Something that I would probably rather do but isn’t included is flying around a .9m jumper course with Pedro (oh yeah…I jump horses around courses when I’m not at work).

So tonight you will be able to find me in my kitchen baking lemon and blue berry hand pies while drinking tea and listening to the acoustic soundtrack from Grey’s Anatomy Season 13. I would also say that I’ll turn my phone off but that would never happen.

Moral of the story: Don’t forget about the little things.

Image: http://emilyleyblog.com/

Recipe: https://vanillaandbean.com/blueberry-lemon-curd-hand-pies/