As you may know if you’ve read the blog before but this page used to be titled “Adventures”. But since my dream last year of continuing my world traveling has come to a bit of a stop for the time being I’ve decided to switch things up and make a place within the site that allows me to share with you the things that inspire me both in life and in my projects. I’m always taking Instagram screenshots, photos or finding images on Pinterest that inspire me to want to create.

This page may be the most updated page on the site so it’s a place to check back and see what I’ve been into that week in addition to the new projects that will be posted through-out the site. I apologize in advance if this page simply becomes a page full of photos of Kate Middleton and talking about how amazing she looks all the time. That might happen. I may already have a large amount of her photos pinned on my boards.

I’ll be sure to post photos of home inspiration and life inspiration as well just to keep things interesting. Which means that yes, this page may become a list of inspirational quotes and photos of Kate. What can I say…it’s just how I roll.

Image from and found on Pinterest.