I have a confession to make. Actually two of them but one is larger than the other.

1) I own a very large, very bright but very cozy red housecoat.
2) I seem to write the best blog posts in the middle of my work day. Good thing my boss doesn’t tend to read them.
Back to point number 1. I purchased said housecoat back when I broke my arm many moons ago as a practical item because it was easy to pull over myself and my cast with one hand so I would be cozy while living in basically the arctic at the time of the break. Then some how the red housecoat has traveled with me to each home since then and I find myself not sure how I would cope without it.
Now, let me explain how horrible this housecoat really is. It is so ugly that often when new guest comes over I will actually take it out from behind my bathroom door and hang it up in my closet out of sight. So, if you have been to my house and seen said housecoat that can only mean that I’ve allowed you into my inner circle of peeps and let down my ugly housecoat wall.
I realized how bad it was sometime ago and it was at the same time that I decided to sew my own lighter housecoat for the summer months (see blog post here). This I also would help to wean me off of my horrible red fluffy thing….this was a fail and I went straight back to the red one. Love the new one even more than ugly red but can’t seem to bring myself to make the switch. Upside: New housecoat was recently given some nice compliments.
New Housecoat: 1 Ugly Red: A Million.
I found the lace in the photo below during the Honest Ed’s Fabricland closing sale and just blurted out a random length because I knew I needed it in my life.
Enter: Sexy Housecoat Project
I’ve started to get comfortable with making patterns and then altering them as I go to turn them into what I really want which I find to be a great trait and is coming in handy. So, I’m now on the hunt for the perfect fabric to go with the lace and the perfect pattern in which I can make this inspiration come to life.
Stay tuned for the fate of ugly red.
(Project Inspiration Photo from Pinterest)