I’m a big fan of making lists, crossing things off and moving on to the next item. Something about a crossed off list at the end of the day is one of those little things in life that are so satisfying. So because of my love of lists it only seemed fitting that there was a list of projects that I want to tackle! I’ve update the list below to outline the projects I want to tackle and complete within 2017. Currently it’s the start of March and I’ve only worked on two items. Not a great start but once I cross off my first item I’ll be eager to cross them all off my list.

The one thing that could stand in the way of crossing items off the list would be my other more time consuming hobby: horse back riding. So we shall see how far this gets as I work to balance the two.


  • Bed Quilt for myself – this one will take me some time to find the right pattern for as I’m going to be extra picky about this one. I have some ideas though so this might happen sooner that I think.
  • Finish the Winter Work skirt project
  • Florance Flamingo quilt for my dear friend Regan to be completed and gifted
  • Lace over lay pencil skirt using the fabric I already have for this (Fabricland deal!)
  • A few summer dresses that can be thrown on when heading out to explore the city on warm summer nights – three¬†down and a few more to go!


Find me on Raverly to see the growing list of fibre related projects that I’ve fallen in love with and want to make! Username is Erinisbet2.