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I recently was lucky enough to go to a posh store with a personal shopper and it is now the only way I will shop! I’m not one to go through racks and racks of clothes and run from store to store to find the perfect dress for an event. I would much rather a sales girl pull a few items for me and have me try them on. I’m also know to be a picky person in all areas of life. Apartments, boys, clothing… all of it!

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So when I wanted an off the shoulder dress I was on the look out for something I really liked. But because I’m a picky person it was hard to find anything that I wanted or would feel like shelling out the cash for. So I decided to make it myself pattern and all.

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Now, one of the down sides of living alone is that when you make clothing and need to alter it you have to take it off and put it on a zillion times while poking yourself multiple times with the pins in the hem. This might be the only thing that I dislike about living alone. And yes, I am not scared of spiders and can fix almost anything on my own.

So here it is! The much anticipated dress in all of it’s (a little short) glory!