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A Practical Summer Piece

One thing you should know about me is that when I own something and really like it I will wear it forever until it falls apart. I would like to thank Kate Middleton for bringing the re-wearing thing into proper fashion. This is the reason why I noticed today that my black cardigan is now grey and I will need to part with it soon. It is also why it is soon time to part with my cozy, fluffy red housecoat that makes me look like Elmo. When I replace the things I’ve loved so much I get picky with what I replace it with. But when a friend of mine sent me an image of the Purl Soho Housecoat Pattern I knew that it would be a great replacement! Best part was that I could be picky and pick my own fabrics.


To put this one together I made my own pattern pieces using sewable-traceable paper/fabric from The Workroom (here in Toronto) as the pattern only lists the size of the pattern pieces as it was an automatic download. Was worth the time though because when I make another one I’ll be able to re-use the pieces I have now. And yes, I will be making another one.

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The lightness of the cotton makes this great for the summer time and the fit was perfect! I did change the length of it though to suit me so if you make it maybe measure yourself for the length you want.