The first quilt I made was small and simple. I had made it at a friends request for a quilt of their own and for something a little more manly for my couch. The quilt was easy to put together and I was able to take a couple quick photos of it before it headed off to another life. But it was my second quilt that was a stunner.

Side View Resized

I tend to jump into things with both feet and want to really try my skills at something new and challenging. This quilt for my Mother was just that and I know as a quilter there will be many more triangles in my future but I need a triangle making break after putting together this quilt top.

I learned a few things along the way and one included to measure out the size of something before starting! This quilt top came together in pieces and all of a sudden the pieces were together enough to lay it out on the floor to see the real size I was dealing with. There were a few choice words when I came to realize that it was HUGE. Like I mean I had to move my bed to the side of the room just to get this to lay out on the floor. Following this there was a few more choice words when I realized that I would have to bast, quilt and bind this before Christmas and at this point it was already November. So first lesson – check the size on the pattern prior to buying fabric. Because it will also mean that the backing fabric will cost you more than I care to share in this post.

full quilt resized

The quilt was a gift for my Mom for Christmas and as the progress went it was so hard to share my hours of triangle making on social media in order to keep it a secret.

Quilt Back Resized

I got lucky and a few days before heading north for the holidays I finished the binding and five minutes later put it in a huge box and wrapped it up. It felt good to be able to say that my first large quilt was done and ready for delivery! It was very well received and oh so cozy that it looks lovely at my parents home in the country.

Quilt on Ground re-Sized