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In August I’ve had my machine for officially a year. I have made many fun projects with it as you will see but I had a craving one afternoon to branch out and making my self some clothes. Now, i have some experience in this area from high school when I made my own prom dress in a home sewing class but was a little rusty. I had a moment of panic that I would open the McCaul pattern and it would only be the pattern with no instructions. Thank goodness I quickly learned that patterns do come with instructions and don’t expect you to put it all together without some guidance.

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When I set my mind to do a project I can normally turn it around quickly thanks to free evenings after work and often a free Sunday to sit down and get a lot finished. But I may of started this dress at the wrong time because it sat on the back of my sewing chair for a month or more. i started the dress at the same time as I launched the website and was planning my trip to Ireland and Scotland (more on that here). So when I got back I told myself that I must get this done so I no longer have it sitting looking sad on the back of my chair.

All it took was one Friday night at home to get most of it finished from where I left off and then another couple weekend mornings to add on what was still remaining and ta da! It was done and ready to go. Or – almost ready with the exception of the buttons. This was the same night that some of you may of seen on my social media (buttons to your right) my wonderful new vintage sewing Judy! She came in very handy on this Friday night when it came to pining on the skirt. She needs a little love but perhaps I’ll take a go at straightening her tomorrow.

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I’m a fan of waking up on a Sunday morning with coffee in hand, no make-up, slippers and just sitting down and doing a bit of sewing before my day starts. These mornings can be the calm in the storm of a crazy work week. Last Sunday morning of a long weekend I had expected to sit down and quickly learn how to sew a button hole with my machine. 3 hours later and much Googling I had a love/hate relationship going with my machine and friends to meet for some summer park time. In the end I had to zig zag stitch both side of the holes and then cut out the middle. So glad that this worked and not a moment too soon! Slightly sad to say that there are no photos from this morning probably due to the frustration I was feeling at the time.

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But then the dress was really done and fits like a glove! Off to the park I went for an afternoon of relaxing, drinking and gossiping. The pattern was so easy to put together that I’ll be keeping an eye out for a lighter fabric to make a couple more.

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Pattern: McCauls 6696, view A