Front re-sized for websiteI recently attended a Sew Date Day at The Workroom here in Toronto and as people starting arriving with their machines I become quite jealous of their machine covers and carriers. My machine had traveled to the sew date on my lap in the back of a cab with only the plain plastic Singer cover that it came with.

As soon as I got home I began to research these wonderful sewing machine covers and carriers. That is where I came across a photo of the prettiest cover I had every seen! Enter…Caravan Cover project! The extra bonus for this project was that a lot of the materials I already had which would make this a cheap project for a weekend.

In Toronto our Family Day weekend this year was met with some -30’C temperatures. This frigid weather kept most people cozy inside – me included. When I did venture out it took a few layers of clothing and some big sunglasses to be able to make a trek to the near by grocery store. Knowing about this winter weather ahead of time I thought it would be the perfect long weekend to put together my Caravan Cover project. I was right and wrong at the same time. Mostly wrong because a long weekend does come to an end eventually and there might not be enough time to finish said project. But I was right to hunker down for the weekend all comfy and warm at home.

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The instructions for this project can be purchased and downloaded from RainbowHare who can be found on Esty. The instructions had loads of photos which made it easy to follow but there were a couple of steps that I had to take what I knew from the instructions and add in how I thought it should go. I could have used some more detailed instructions in some areas for example, with respect to the circle window that is on the door. There were also some materials recommended that can only be purchased online. I improvised here and used what I could find on sale at my local Fabricland store.

I sometimes want to cheat when a pattern says to hand sew and I do it on my machine. But when it came to putting on the windows and door I went for the hand sewing option. Hours and hours of hand sewing later (while movie watching of course) I’m thrilled with the result and that I went this route. They look much tidier than they would have sewn on a machine. Having said that, you could do either method but machine sewing especially comes in handy if you are in a rush to finish the project.

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I’m so happy with the result and it fits so nicely over my machine. Much cuter to look at than the plain cover that my machine came with. Making the bunting took a little longer that I thought but it was worth the time and really was the finishing touch on the piece.

The one section that I realized that I goofed on was the placement of the door and when I pinned on my bottom “background” piece I noticed that you would need to really jump up to walk into that caravan! But one of the joys of sewing and creating is that you can make adjustments and I made the change to create a little “step” up to the door. Unless you read this post you would never know it wasn’t supposed to be there!

I would recommend this project for anyone that it looking to hide from the cold for a weekend and wants to use up some of their fun fabrics. You really could use anything that you had for the different sections that makes each project unique and a lot of fun.

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