I’m the type of adorable person that yes, wears matching top and bottom pajamas almost every night because I like to look adorable even though I live alone. So yes, even while I’m sitting here on a Saturday at noon still in morning mode I’m wearing matching pajamas. Second thing to know about me is that I’m picky about what I wear. Which lead me to finally making my own pajama set! Bonus: I took it with me to wear for my sister’s wedding weekend and was able to show it off during the girls night at the hotel pre-wedding.

The pattern actually wasn’t that hard to put together. Either that or I’m starting to get real good at making clothes. The one thing I didn’t do was add in the interfacing. I added the interfacing to my Anchor Dress (blog post link here) and for some reason when I washed it the interfacing made the fabric go all funny. I sort of liked the top without the interfacing so when I make another pair I’ll do the same thing.

Now I’m off to change out of my matching pajama set and set off into the city for a day of adventure!