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Linden Sweatshirt

One of the down sides of running a blog and living alone is that you have no one around to take photos of you in your new hand made clothing on a week night. So with that said I know you all believe me when I tell you this sweater fits like a glove. It is the perfect sweater to throw on with shorts for a summer evening stroll with friends. I’ve already decided that I need one in light ballerina pink and one in a Liberty of London fabric fleece. I may have to raise funds for the second one but it would be amazing.

I picked up the grey bamboo jersey a while ago and it’s been sitting in my stash for about 6 months now waiting to be made into something. Originally the plan was to make a t-shirt and one day I was all set to get started until I started reading online all the info to know about working with stretch fabric. It was enough to scare into switching projects and stashing the fabric for something else.

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I have a happy place in the city of Toronto and that happy place is The Workroom which is on Queen West and only about a 20 min TTC/walk combo trip to from my house. Everyone seems to be able to answer all your sewing questions and the vibe is so casual that you feel comfortable taking your time picking out the right fabric for a project.

So, when they posted a class for the Linden Sweatshirt I was in! The class would not only serve as a reminder for some pattern making tricks I may of missed when making my dress  but it would also teach me to work with stretch fabric and using a twin needle. The two nights I spent there I came out with so many new tips and tricks plus my new sweatshirt. The twin needle stitching that is at the top of the sweater really finishes it nicely and I think next time I might do this at the cuffs as well.

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Starting to love seeing my hand made pieces in with my store bought items and loving them even more because I made them.

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Happy Stitching!